Product Gallery

This is where pictures of projects that I've worked on in the past will come to life and be shared and where future or in-progress pieces will be introduced. Some of these pictures are old and not perfect, we'll get better photos uploaded as we get them. If you see something you like that you want or you'd like me to make something similar, contact me and we'll hammer out the details!

Bourbon Barrel Coffee Table

This Bourbon Barrel Coffee Table is made from half a bourbon barrel and includes pine stillage (the base) and a solid pine board table top made from high quality Radiata Pine for a beautiful wavy grain pattern. Features a piano style hinge and lid support for easy storage. Dimensions are roughly 35"L x 48"W x 18.5"H

This is considered a 'base model' and more complicated custom work can be added, such as a glass/polycarbonate top, soft close hinges/supports, detailed edge work, hardwood options, etc.

Free-standing Bottle Rack

The one pictured uses staves from a 15 gallon barrel and can be made to be taller using 55 gallon barrel staves. We can also incorporate a glass rack under the top shelf if desired.

Base model includes 3 shelves with a small 10" flat top shelf and bottle separators. We will work with you to include any custom details you desire.

Three Leg 'Milking' Stools

The ones seen here were finished with a Red Chestnut stain and matte polyurethane.

"Nested" Guitar Stand

The pictured example includes a velvet lined neck cradle and hinged back support for easy transportation.

Three Leg Barrel Stave Easel

The first barrel stave easel (shown only as the finished product) is slightly taller and narrower and does not include the brush cup. The shelf/tray is roughly 36" from the ground. The second easel (which includes the brush cup) is slightly shorter and has a wider base.